Seaboard Overseas & Trading Group

Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group is a global agribusiness company in grain and protein based foods with an integrated model focusing on the African and South American markets.


Seaboard’s Commodity Trading and Milling division, managed under the name of Seaboard Overseas and Trading Group, consists of vertically integrated commodity trading, processing and logistics companies. We have milling facilities located in 9 countries throughout South America, the Caribbean, and Africa. These facilities work directly with 11 commodity trading offices in strategic locations.

Vertical integration of procurement, transportation and processing functions provide SOTG with certain competitive advantages. Seaboard is uniquely qualified to assess and select the best quality and most consistent grain and protein meal suppliers worldwide. Management of our bulk freight and chartered vessel fleets provides logistics control over the delivery of commodities to in-house and third-party customers.

We source, transport, and market approximately 12 million metric tons per year of wheat, corn, soybean meal and other commodities. In addition, the division produces approximately two million metric tons of wheat flour, maize meal, manufactured feed and oilseed crush commodities per year. The division integrates the service of delivering commodities to its customers in the U.S., South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia, through the use of chartered and owned bulk vessels.

Seaboard operates three dry bulk vessels which range in deadweight from 18,900 to 81,000 metric tons.  These vessels are brand new eco-friendly, shallow draft vessels built specifically with the draft-restricted African port in mind.  These vessels primarily serve Seaboard Overseas milling affiliates and third-party partners across Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and Mediterranean.

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We also operate grain and feed milling and related businesses with 23 locations in 19 countries, which are primarily supplied by our trading locations. The grain processing businesses are operated through consolidated and non-consolidated affiliates in Africa, South America, the Caribbean and Asia.

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