Within the industry, Seaboard stands out as a unique company with a unique culture. Our strong foundation is anchored by our employees’ commitment to integrity, hard work, accountability and humility.

For over 100 years, these shared values have been key to Seaboard’s growth and success and our ability to diversify and thrive in changing markets. Over the years, many people have dedicated their careers to Seaboard, describing the workplace as family-like. It is an environment where employees can continue growing and pursuing diverse career paths. Our teamwork gives us the ability to collaborate across geographically far-flung operations. We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate and focus our philanthropic efforts on improving the lives of our employees, their families, and their neighbors. 

As Seaboard has sustained financial health, we have remained committed to keeping our people motivated, excited to come to work, and proud of our services, products, and the Seaboard name. 

Employee Events

Working at Seaboard means getting to participate in some topnotch employee events. We host various tournaments, like billiards and ping pong, monthly catered lunches, and off-site events like our annual Golf Tournament.  

Charity and Volunteer Activities  

Seaboard encourages our employees to support charitable organizations and the work they are doing to support the community. Through our Matching Gifts Program, Seaboard will make a matching contribution to a qualified agency based on an employee’s donation to the same agency. Charitable events are held throughout the event, such as United Way Week, which is a week of activities aimed at raising money for United Way.

Seaboard Events

Animal Friends Week

Corporate Challenge


National Health & Fitness Day

Employee Testimonials

“Seaboard’s culture is unique in that it’s family-oriented, has an open door policy, you meet and know everyone’s name, they have tons of fun work events, and you get to chat with the Chairwoman of the Board, CEO, and executive leadership because they’re walking in the hallways. The culture here is unmatched and one of the most important to me as a contributor to this organization.”

Brea Schuck

Sr. HR Generalist

“To me, the culture is very open and friendly. We are a big corporation, but it feels like a small family-owned company. I genuinely love working for Seaboard because of that. Due to its size, there are ample opportunities for personal growth while maintaining a welcoming and caring attitude. Everyone does a great job of keeping a cheerful attitude no matter the type of day it is.

Joel Moldrup

Sr. Operations Analyst

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