Mount Dora Farms

Mount Dora Farms has produced consistent high quality products for nearly 30 years. The company works with a dedicated group of local farmers throughout Honduras to provide the highest quality jalapeño pepper. Mount Dora Farms provides seedlings to skilled farmers for optimal quality control and to ensure timely harvest cycles. The result is a jalapeño pepper that is uniform in size and texture and meets the highest quality standards. After sorting, grading, cleaning and testing the peppers are processed into a variety of different products to match customer specific needs including sliced, diced, halves, strips and pureed products.

Mount Dora Farms processes these jalapeño peppers at its plant located in Comayagua, Honduras. The facility has the capacity to process over fifteen million pounds of peppers annually. The peppers are often shipped on vessels from our ocean carrier division (Seaboard Marine). Mount Dora Farms is equipped to process jalapeño’s in a variety of forms for food service operators, though the bulk of the product is sold within the United States for later production as “jalapeño poppers”.