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Over the years, many people have dedicated their careers to Seaboard, describing the workplace as a family-like setting. It is an environment in which employees can continue to grow and pursue diverse career paths. Our teamwork gives us the ability to collaborate across geographically far flung operations. We believe in supporting the communities in which we operate and focus our philanthropic efforts to improve the lives of our employees, their families and their neighbors.

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Seaboard is a public company, but it is very much a family organization. We are fortunate to have employees who care deeply about the company and one another.

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We secure supply and access to markets worldwide by owning and operating every step of our business – farms, processing plants, container shipping and trading of commodities.

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We Have Operations on Four Continents with a Global Workforce that Exceeds 13,000


Seaboard Corporation is a unique company with a rich history dating back more than 100 years. Although the company has evolved over time through acquisitions, partnerships and internal growth, its roots are in grain and agriculturally derived products. Common to all our endeavors, we strive to distinguish ourselves in the industries we select.

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Seaboard recognizes that diversity is the key to successful operations and seeks highly motivated, energetic people to join our diverse group. We value entrepreneurial spirit, respect and compatibility with fellow workers in a stimulating, collaborative, work environment.

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Seaboard Corporation is a dynamic company with worldwide operations. We offer a broad range of domestic and international career opportunities at all levels and job functions.

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Seaboard Corporation is committed to providing competitive compensation and quality employee benefits. The diverse needs of our employees make the selection and provision of the most suitable mix of benefits an important objective for the Company.

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