Transcontinental Capital Corporation (Bermuda), Ltd.

Transcontinental Capital Corporation electric power generating facilities in the Dominican Republic consist of a system of diesel engines mounted on a floating barge with capacity of approximately 108 megawatts.

The company owns the Estrella del Mar II power barge, which has six engines and a combined cycle (heat recovery system) with a rated capacity of 108 megawatts, and was put in service in April 2012. The Estrella del Mar II is capable of running on any of three different kinds of fuels (Natural Gas and Heavy Fuel Oil) and is one of the most efficient units operating in the Dominican Republic. The company also built and owns a gas pipeline that supplies Natural Gas to the unit.

TCCB initiated operations in 1990 putting into service its first power barge, the Estrella del Norte, which has a rated capacity of 40 megawatts, and was the first independent power producer in the Dominican Republic at the time. In 2000, the company installed a second barge, the Estrella del Mar, which has a rated capacity of 72 megawatts. Both plants rated highly for their reliability and availability among domestic power plants. Until September 2014, TCCB continued operating the Estrella del Mar power barge under a lease arrangement, after having sold both barges in 2009.

As an independent power producer, Transcontinental Capital Corporation generates and sells electricity into the local power grid, but does not transmit or distribute electricity to customers. Electricity is sold under contract to distribution companies, certain larger commercial users, as well as on the spot market. The spot market is accessed primarily by three wholly-owned government-owned distribution companies.