Seaboard Corporation is a dynamic company with worldwide operations. We offer a broad range of domestic and international career opportunities at all levels and job functions.

We recognize that diversity is the key to successful operations and seek highly motivated, energetic people to join our diverse group. We value entrepreneurial spirit, respect and compatibility with fellow workers in a stimulating, collaborative and exciting work environment.

We are committed to providing competitive compensation and quality employee benefits. The diverse needs of our employees make the selection and provision of the most suitable mix of benefits an important objective for the Company.

Corporate Office

Seaboard Corporation
9000 West 67th St
Kansas 66202

Benefits in 5 Key Areas

Physical Wellness

Financial Wellness

Work/Life Wellness

Community Wellness

Additional Benefits

*Specific benefits may vary depending upon the position and location

Employee Testimonials

“Family, that is what Seaboard Corporation means to me. When I think of my life at Seaboard, I think of the wonderful friends I have made these last 20 years. It would be a disservice to use the label of coworkers.”

Angie Childs

Director of Payroll and Accounting Systems

“Seaboard Corporation is like a non-hierarchical working environment. No matter your title, you bump into each other around the office and there is a great atmosphere. We’re a Fortune 500 company with smaller corporate structure allowing for a broader scope of role, tasks and projects.”

Maximiliano Pistoni

Treasury Manager

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