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We are honored to share the accomplishments that Moderna Alimentos has done for their community. In 2010 The Cultiva Program began as a corporate social responsibility initiative to promote national wheat production and create a profitable and improved agricultural business model for the farmers’ and their families.

In 2017, Cultiva program was recognized by the United Nations Global Compact – Ecuador Network as a Good Practice for Sustainable Development aligned to Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Consumption and Production.

This year, Cultiva celebrates the success of their 10 year effort benefiting Ecuadorian farmers, their families and their communities. Since its inception, the program has achieved the following indicators that help us recognize the importance of Cultiva’s contribution in the agricultural sector. In these 10 years, Cultiva program has:

  • Benefited more than 572 families, in more than 6 provinces of Ecuador.
  • Invested more than $ 9 million dollars in the purchase of 19,000 tons of national wheat benefitting hundreds of families.
  • Purchased annually, on average, about 60% of the total national wheat production.
  • Delivered more than 500 tons of wheat seeds, which represents approximately half a million dollars in financing to our farmers.
  • More than 365 farmers have received technical and advising assistance thorough visits during the sowing and harvesting stages, as well as through trainings during visits to Moderna’s production plants. 

Their goal is to continue their efforts in generating positive impacts in the Ecuadorian agricultural sector.

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