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On August 12, which is globally recognized as International Youth Day, the National Foundation for Honduran Development (FUNADEH) and business leaders in Honduras held a special ceremony to recognize the efforts and achievements of companies to better the lives of the youth in Honduras through Project Genesis. The project is an initiative between the United States Agency for International Aid (USAID) and FUNADEH, which seeks to motivate young people to reject violence, develop skills, build a life plan, and participate in developing their community through different meaningful activities.

As a violence and crime prevention initiative, Genesis has brought the San Pedro Sula community and Seaboard Marine together, creating credibility, trust, and a strong working relationship. Our office in Honduras was again awarded for its unique youth support model and constant commitment since the program’s start in maintaining the Outreach Center of its targeted community, the Miguel Angel Pavon Quarter, in San Pedro Sula. Sofie Villeda, Human Resources Manager in San Pedro Sula, accepted the award on behalf of Seaboard Marine de Honduras.

Daisy Pastor, Seaboard Marine de Honduras General Manager, said, “We are honored to be part of Project Genesis and making a difference in the lives of children in our community. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we have and will remain committed to building the lives of local youth.”

Since 2016, Seaboard Marine has collaborated with FUNADEH and USAID on Project Genesis to provide the youth in the city of San Pedro Sula with a place where they can feel safe. At the outreach center, school children can meet to do homework, play, exercise, and socialize. Over 1,500 students have benefited from the opportunity to learn computer skills, engage in vocational training, and have a haven from gang-related activities.

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