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Seaboard Renewable Energy and Foods made the donation of 2700 liters of alcohol for disinfection to the hospitals in Oran, Hipólito Yrigoyen, Pichanal and Colonia Santa Rosa. The company set up a special small basic and provisional packaging line, which allowed it to pack in a 5-liter drum a mixture of 70% anhydrous alcohol and 30% pure water.

For this, it had to maintain and obtain the corresponding permits, since it is not pharmacopoeia quality alcohol, but it is non-denatured alcohol for biofuels. The mixture is exclusively intended to be used as a disinfectant and sanitizer for cleaning.

The Oran Hospital is the operational base of the region as it is the head city of the department. The Oran Hospital received 270 drums (1350 liters). The three remaining hospitals each received 90 drums. In addition, 20 disposable 3M romper suits complete with goggles were delivered to the Hospital in Oran. Half will go to the surgery area and the other half will go to the intensive care unit.

Pallets of 90 drums each, were packed and transported in trucks authorized under all regulations for this type of cargo. There was also the accompaniment of a fire truck and personnel from the Oran Fire brigade.

Seaboard wants to thank the collaboration of all the personnel who participated in the task, who in the face of the emergency situation managed to quickly assemble this basic line, complying with all security measures; to those who managed the permits, to those who organized the logistics, and to the Oran fire department, making it possible to make this donation, legally and safely, to reach those who need it most. 

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