Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers

Steven J. Bresky
President and Chief Executive Officer

Robert L. Steer
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

David M. Becker
Senior Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

James L. Gutsch
Senior Vice President, Engineering

Ralph L. Moss
Senior Vice President, Governmental Affairs

David S. Oswalt
Senior Vice President, Finance and Treasurer

David H. Rankin
Senior Vice President, Taxation and Business Development

Michael D. Trollinger
Vice President, Corporate Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

Ty A. Tywater
Vice President, Audit Services

Ivan J. Winfield Jr.
Vice President, Information Technology

Zachery J. Holden
Assistant Secretary

Adriana N. Hoskins
Assistant Treasurer


Chief Executive Officers of
Principal Seaboard Operations

Duke Sand

David M. Dannov
Commodity Trading & Milling

Edward A. Gonzalez

Hugo Rossi

Armando G. Rodriguez

Board Of Directors

Steven J. Bresky
Chairman of the Board

David A. Adamsen *
Former Vice President – Wholesale Sales
C&S Wholesale Grocers

Douglas W. Baena *
Self employed engaging in
facilitation of equipment leasing
financing and consulting.

Edward I. Shifman Jr.*
Retired, former Managing and Executive
Vice President of Wachovia Capital Finance

Paul M. Squires
Chief Operating Officer of Seaboard Flour LLC


* Audit Committee Members
Audit Committee Charter