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Formed in: Delaware

On: 7/24/1946

General Purpose

Diversified International agribusiness and transportation company.

As: Corporation

Fiscal Year Ends: Dec 31

Stock Transfer Agent and
Registrar of Stock

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P.O. Box 64874

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Corporate Officers

Robert L. Steer
President and Chief Executive Officer

David H. Rankin
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

David M. Becker
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Benjamin R. Hodes
Senior Vice President, Finance

Adriana N. Hoskins
Senior Vice President and Treasurer

Ty A. Tywater
Senior Vice President, Audit Services

Barbara M. Smith
Vice President, Corporate Controller and Principal Accounting Officer

Elizabeth A. Loudon
Vice President, Tax

Laura Cerezo Baena
Assistant Secretary

A. Hinton Johnson
Assistant Secretary

Emma A. Beltz-Vacas
Assistant Treasurer

Chief Executive Officers of

Principal Seaboard Operations

Peter Brown

Jacob A. Bresky
Commodity Trading & Milling

Edward A. Gonzalez

Peter Rosenthal
Liquid Fuels

Oscar Rojo
Sugar and Alcohol

Armando G. Rodriguez


Board Of Directors

Ellen S. Bresky
Chairwoman of the Board

Douglas W. Baena *

David A. Adamsen *

Frances B. Shifman *

Paul M. Squires

* Audit Committee Members
Audit Committee Charter


An integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets.

A premier ocean transportation company providing direct, regular service.

A trading and milling division that consists of vertically integrated commodity trading, processing and logistics companies.

Generates facilities in the Dominican Republic and consists of a system of diesel engines mounted on a floating barge.

One of the largest producers of turkey products in the U.S.

Mount Dora Farms processes jalapeno peppers at its plant located in Comayagua, Honduras.

Supplies alcohol, sugars & biofuels to industries in the Argentina market.