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This past Friday, the president of Seaboard Energías Renovables y Alimentos, Oscar Rojo, along with managers and workers, participated in the last sugarcane overturn of Zafra 102.

With the sound of the sirens, the harvesters led the parade through the main street of El Tabacal, with all the workers and their families, greeting and celebrating. Later with trucks and vans with Argentine flags, they toured the streets of Hipólito Yrigoyen to the greeting of the neighbors.

Rojo also greeted those who had to remain at their workplaces for operational reasons at the plant. In a message to the workers, he especially thanked the effort, energy and teamwork of the “great Seaboard family” and expressed his hope to repeat this celebration with more force, next year.

About Seaboard Renewable Energy and Food

It is an Argentine company, born more than a century ago as Ingenio y Refinería San Martín del Tabacal. For 25 years it has been part of Seaboard Corporation, a global conglomerate that encompasses various activities related to food, international trade and maritime transport in more than 45 countries, and is ranked among the Fortune 500. Seaboard Renewable Energy and Food It is one of the 7 international divisions of the corporation.

In its Agroindustrial Complex located in the department of Orán, and from the cultivation and processing of sugar cane, it has several distilleries and alcohol dehydrators, two biomass power generation plants and a sugar plant that supplies the table of Argentines with their Chango brand in various presentations, including the one certified as “Argentine Organic”, and also to the industrial market. Its processes and products are certified by the most demanding audits and standards in the world in terms of quality and sustainability.

Interaction with local communities focuses on the axes of health, education, sports and housing, with an emphasis on the early stages of life. It is the main private employer in Salta, with some 1,400 direct jobs and more than 3,000 indirect ones.


An integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets.

A premier ocean transportation company providing direct, regular service.

A trading and milling division that consists of vertically integrated commodity trading, processing and logistics companies.

Generates facilities in the Dominican Republic and consists of a system of diesel engines mounted on a floating barge.

One of the largest producers of turkey products in the U.S.

Mount Dora Farms processes jalapeno peppers at its plant located in Comayagua, Honduras.

Supplies alcohol, sugars & biofuels to industries in the Argentina market.