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With a ceremony that took place in front of the old Cañero Gate, and in which a group of workers participated on behalf of the staff, keeping the corresponding preventive health measures,  Seaboard Energías Renovables y Alimentos started its 102 harvest.

The Vice Governor of the Province of Salta, Antonio Marocco, was present, who together with the president of the company, Hugo Rossi, witnessed the blessing of the machinery, tools and work items, including chinstraps and alcohol gel. The paraliturgy was officiated by the parish priest Rubén Gutiérrez.

Subsequently, the President of the company, Hugo Rossi, gave a speech at the place to the attendees, and to all who followed  the ceremony, which was transmitted in virtual and open form.

The manager began by highlighting, as a positive sign for the company, in the present context, that “more than a year after developing all the activities in a pandemic,  we are starting the 2021 Zafra without personnel affected by Covid 19 on the premises”  and underlined the effective actions of the company in terms of protocols, measures and prevention.

And he also referred to the social and economic consequences that are experienced. “With hundreds of activities that have had to close and thousands of jobs that have been lost generating more and more poverty,  we can feel blessed to be an essential industry, to continue producing, to have a job  and thus also maintain the economic activity of the Department of Oran, without neglecting the health of all our people ”, he pointed out.

He was in agreement with being able to start the harvest with greater regulatory predictability, since with the biofuels law that has a committee opinion in Deputies, the cut with cane bioethanol and the corresponding quota would be assured. Although he advocated that the principle of progressiveness be maintained.

“ The percentage of cutting fossil fuels with biofuels can only increase, not go back.  Because this is what our legislation establishes, for the protection of the environment, and for the health of Argentines, “he said, adding that for Argentina a good environmental performance is also” an opportunity, even at a financial level and in terms of competitiveness. “

Hugo Rossi

Regarding the possibilities of development and investment, he expressed his expectation that Seaboard Energías Renovables y Alimentos, one of the main producers of cane bioethanol, may play a relevant role “in the trade balance of a country that needs to export and strengthen its import substitution”.

He also appealed to collective and individual responsibility, as one of the key factors in the present scenario. “ As a company, we are committed to ensuring the safety of our workers and their families.  And we have learned lessons that make our processes and measures even more effective. But the commitment of all is also needed, with the protocols, measures and care ”, he said.

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