Seaboard Foods Donates 4,000 Pounds of Pork to the Arresting Hunger Program

Law enforcement personnel are doing more than protecting community members this holiday season; they are helping feed those who are food insecure by distributing Thanksgiving meals. Earlier today, Iowa State Patrol partnered with Iowa Pork Producers Association and Food Bank of Iowa to pack and distribute meal kits to food banks as part of their Arresting Hunger program.

Seaboard Foods donated 4,000 pounds of pork to the cause.

“Arresting Hunger is one of the key programs for us to support because of its impact to Iowans,” says Kevin Sanders, operational support manager in Cell 7. “Food banks serve a lot of people, and our donation was an anchor for them to provide the 800 meal kits to people in need.”

Four pounds of pork and traditional Thanksgiving sides were put in each meal kit. The project was valued at $15,000, which paid for the meal kits and offered funds for food banks.

“Across Iowa, approximately 375,000 Iowans struggle with food insecurity. Many of them are working, retired on a fixed income or they’re disabled,” says Michele Book, president and CEO of Food Bank of Iowa in a news clip.

Food Bank of Iowa states that 1 in 6 children are food insecure, and the donation from Seaboard Foods and the Arresting Hunger program are helping to fill the hunger gaps for families in 99 Iowa counties.

“Community outreach is a top priority for us,” says Marshalltown, Iowa Police Department chief Mike Tupper in a press release. “This program is an excellent opportunity for the police department to serve the public and help with an important community need.”

The program is accepting monetary donations to help food banks provide for those without access to food. One dollar is worth four meals. Click here to donate to Arresting Hunger, these donations will qualify for a charitable contribution deduction.

Video credit: Michele Book, president and CEO of Food Bank of Iowa

Law enforcement packed and distributed 800 meal kits to Iowa food banks today. These kits, filled with pork and traditional Thanksgiving sides, will reach hungry people in 99 Iowa counties. Seaboard Foods donated 4,000 pounds to the cause.