Tabacal Agroindustria

Tabacal is one of the leading brands in the Argentine market, supplying sugar to both Industries (Tabacal brand) as well as the Retail market (Chango brand). Tabacal also supplies alcohol to industries producing liqueurs (premium brands) and personal care products. In addition, through its subsidiary Alconoa, Tabacal is one of the leading contributors of bioethanol to the Argentine biofuels program.

Tabacal Agroindustria grows and processes sugar cane in Northern Argentina. The sugar and alcohol produced by Tabacal are primarily sold domestically, however some product is exported to the United States, other South American countries, and Europe.

Tabacal’s sugarcane processing plant is one of the largest in Argentina. It has the capacity to produce more than 250,000 metric tons of sugar and over 27 million gallons of alcohol per year. The mill is located on a large tract of land in the Salta Province of Argentina, on which approximately 70,000 acres are planted with sugar cane which supplies the mill with the majority of its raw material. Tabacal also operates a 51 megawatt cogeneration plant fueled primarily by sugarcane by-product.