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Oscar Rojo has been appointed President of Seaboard Energías Renovables y Alimentos,one of Argentina’s leading producers of biofuels, sugar, alcohol and bioelectricity. Its Agroindustrial Complex is based in the Department of Oran.

Rojo succeeds Hugo Rossi in the company’s top executive functions, who recently made the decision to leave the position he held for 12 years and complete the period until his effective retirement, in 2022, as an advisor to the Presidency and the Board.

The new head of Seaboard had been serving for 8 years as Vice President of Commercial and Logistics. Industrial Engineer from the University of Buenos Aires, Rojo joined the then San Martín del Tabacal Sugar and Refinery in 2004 as Business Manager of Sugar and Alcohol, and 4 years later he was promoted to Commercial Director. He previously held executive positions in international companies.

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