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Most of us, by now, have found while visiting or ordering from our local supermarkets that despite the COVID-19 pandemic, aisles remain stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables. It may surprise some to learn that nearly half of all U.S. produce is imported from other countries. Some of the largest producers of these fruits and vegetables are located in Central and South America.

For nearly four decades, Seaboard Marine has played a pivotal role in facilitating trade between Latin America and the United States. As the year-round demand for fresh produce in the U.S. has steadily risen, we have continually upgraded, expanded, and reinvested in services, equipment, and infrastructure. These investments have allowed our most loyal customers, such as J&C Tropicals, to also expand their offerings as demand adjusts due to the COVID-19 situation.

Headquartered in Homestead, Florida, J&C Tropicals is a major importer and distributor of quality tropical roots, fruits, and vegetables throughout the United States. Luis Cintron, Director of Sales and Procurement at J&C Tropicals, said, “A key part of our supply chain is supported by refrigerated containerized shipping. We rely heavily on Seaboard Marine’s direct, weekly services throughout Latin America to provide a steady supply of quality produce. They have continued with reliable sailings and available equipment. Amid this crisis and from a public health perspective, the increasing availability of nutritional year-round fruits and vegetables is of great benefit to consumers in these stressful times.”

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An integrated food company producing premium pork products for both domestic and international markets.

A premier ocean transportation company providing direct, regular service.

A trading and milling division that consists of vertically integrated commodity trading, processing and logistics companies.

Generates facilities in the Dominican Republic and consists of a system of diesel engines mounted on a floating barge.

The largest producer of turkey products in the U.S.

Mount Dora Farms processes jalapeno peppers at its plant located in Comayagua, Honduras.

Supplies alcohol, sugars & biofuels to industries in the Argentina market.